Garage Door Complaints

You never realize just how important your garage door is until you have a problem with
it. If you’re going to attempt to fix garage door yourself, we have a few tips and tricks of the
trade listed below. However, we always recommend consulting a professional like us, as some
problems can become dangerous. Your garage door is extremely heavy and if it malfunctions as
you are working on it there is a chance that you could seriously injure yourself. Below are a few
of the most common complaints where you would need to fix garage door.
 Won’t close all the way: If you notice that your garage door is not closing all the way
there may be an issue with the photo eye. The photo eye is a safety feature that uses an
infrared beam to prevent the door from closing on a person. In order to troubleshoot
this problem, you will want to adjust the pivot so that the eyes are parallel. Make sure
that nothing is blocking the photo eye such as a box or any other item in your garage.
Make sure that the photo eye is clean. Spider webs and other debris can build up
causing a blockage.
 Noisy: A noisy garage door is a common complain. This is often caused by worn rollers,
loose hardware, or just general metal parts that need lubrication.
 Cleaning: Your garage door will need a good cleaning from time to time. This will help to
prevent future problems by properly maintaining it. Use a sponge with some soap and
water and hose it off when done. If you have glass windows in your garage door, use a
nonabrasive cleaner and make sure you scrub them. This will also create a wonderful
curb appeal for your home.