Cold Weather

As the weather starts to turn you may be wondering what additional home maintenance
is helpful during the colder months. With colder weather often brings the need for garage door
spring repair
. There are a few common complaints that occur this time of year that you can
either test for or be on the lookout for. See below for some of the most common winter
complaints when it comes to a garage door.
 Broken Springs: Garage door spring repair is extremely common during the winter.
Springs are meant to last about 10,000 cycles before needing replacing. You can do a
manual test to see if your springs are on their way out. Lift the garage door halfway and
then let it go. If the garage door stays still, then the springs are A-OK! If the doors starts
to fall then the springs likely need replacing. You can also install a safety cable just in
 Lubrication Problems: Most garage doors ideally need lubrication reapplied annually.
Colder temperatures can change the consistency of the lubrication making it need
reapplication sooner. Similar to springs you can check for lubrication problems by
running the door manually. If the door starts to stick in certain spots, it is likely a
lubrication problem.
 Motor Problems: Not every garage door problem originates from the door itself.
Sometimes there is a greater issue at play with the motor itself. It is always best to call
in professional help to diagnose a problem such as these. If you are in need of any type
of garage door repair our skilled experts are here to help.